Beyond the Tipping Point — Looking at the Future of Energy Storage With Former EnviroSolar CEO Abe Issa

Abe Issa
3 min readApr 22, 2021

DALLAS— Energy storage can reduce climate change by reducing waste. Scientists warn that it’s important to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Energy storage is one way to speed up the goal to reduce climate change before 2050. Therefore, innovations are needed to garner support and implement solutions, says Abe Issa, former CEO of EnviroSolar Power, a sustainability-based company.

EnviroSolar Power Praises Efficient Energy Storage Options that Reduce Emissions

Globally, companies and individuals can use energy storage to reduce emissions related to cooling and heating, says Abe Issa of EnviroSolar Power. Within each community, people can develop flexible energy sources by consuming locally sourced energy.

EnviroSolar plans to invest in energy storage that will bring opportunities for entrepreneurs and individuals wishing to work in the sustainability industry. These solutions might include anything from virtual power plants to charging stations.

Types of Energy Storage that EnviroSolar Believes Make Sense

Battery storage, geothermal storage, and hydrogen storage are three ways that energy can be stored for future use. However, the technology has not yet caught up to the concept.

Battery storage that provides high energy concentration at affordable rates could reduce the environmental impact of disposable batteries and other energy sources. These batteries could travel from the lab to store shelves in about 10 years. Abe Issa, the former CEO of EnviroSolar Power, says that this will be a great way for consumers to lower their carbon footprint simply by buying efficient batteries.

Geothermal storage tends to bring to mind Icelandic geysers harnessed by the locals for cheap power sources. However, geothermal energy provides a great way to reduce heating and cooling bills throughout the world. This technology uses energy from the center of the earth to preheat or precool air so that you are HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard. This reduces your energy bill and CO2 emissions that heat up the planet. EnviroSolar is excited about the prospect of storing solar energy underground.

The temperature underground remains constant year-round throughout most of the world. typically, underground temperatures are lower than summer surface temperatures and higher than winter surface temperatures. This temperature difference makes geothermal energy a potent resource to conserve energy, especially in moderate and northern climates.

Hydrogen energy storage has to battle the perception that hydrogen technology is dangerous. However, hydrogen is no more dangerous than the petroleum that fuels the world by burning up the atmosphere. Like any energy source, following standard safety protocols can prevent accidents and other risks.

Hydrogen hasn’t been widely adopted despite the fact that it disperses rapidly when used as an energy source and it produces water vapor when burnt. Currently, scientists are struggling to find an emissions-free way to produce hydrogen as a truly clean energy source.

Abe Issa, the former EnviroSolar CEO, believes that these energy storage sources are a great investment for businesses who want to invest in the future of the planet and get in on the ground floor of these emerging technologies.

EnviroSolar Looks Forward to Cities that Widely Used Stored Energy

E-mobility vehicles and devices include electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes, and similar items. EnviroSolar looks forward to the day when these machines run on hydrogen or efficiently stored electricity.

About EnviroSolar Power

EnviroSolar employs a network of partners who installed thousands of systems in 2018. Since its founding in 2016, the company has originated several thousand solar systems. EnviroSolar Power was founded on the principle of helping homeowners transform their homes into self-sustaining, solar energy machines. Not only do they strive to reduce the consumption of each home, but they also strive to give homeowner’s a more valuable way to pay for power. The company is the first nationwide solar developer that has integrated a smart home offering at scale to its customers.

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Abe Issa

By the age of 27, Abe Issa had completed his education at Texas Christian University and founded a real estate investment firm. Between 2005 and 2010.